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Smith Doubles Down, Wins Day of 8's Demo

It was a wild and crazy night at Speedway Miramichi for “The Day of 8’s” that saw close quarter racing, hard hitting, and brewing rivalries! All kinds of vehicles took part, from minivans to limos and all types of cars! At the end of the night, it would be a familiar face in victory lane, as Miramichi’s Jacob Smith (#29) captured The Day of 8’s Demo, his second consecutive Demolition Derby win!

Smith was one of 8 cars remaining when the Figure 8 race field was thinned down and turned into a classic Demolition Derby in the middle. Smith had to outduel Lionel Breau (#29x) right down to the final hit to score the win. Breau took home the second-place prize, while Alexander MacIntosh (#17) took home the third place trophy - his second podium in a final demo in just 5 starts! Kevin Tucker (#87) and Steven Vienneau (#13x) rounded out the top 5.

18 out of 22 cars in attendance started the Figure 8 Enduro which kicked off the grand finale. Colby Buggie (#738) was unstoppable during the Figure 8 Race, as he dominated the show. Unfortunately for Colby, he would be eliminated early on during the ensuing demo.

The Figure 8 race itself had a couple tense moments, but none more so than a hard crash on lap 21. Kevin Tucker’s #87, and Mathieu Brideau’s #99.5 limo had been battling intensely all night, but the end result would be the pair heading towards the wall, with Brideau’s limo taking the brunt of the impact hitting the wall head on at full speed. Thankfully, everyone was okay!

All 22 cars did start the Dash for Cash! Despite 22 cars starting, it was a tame Dash for Cash compared to past races. The checkered flag would end up going to Sebastian Thibodeau (#27), who won over Norm Robichaud (#666) and Mathieu Mallett (#80).

The Powder Puff race surprisingly only saw 2 entries out of the 22 cars in the pits. It was an underdog taking the victory, with Sam Jardine (#12) holding off long time competitor Samantha Flieger (#87) to take the win in the 8-lap affair.

Fans were highly entertained during the Bag Race, a race which tested the skills of both driver and passenger endurance as it was contested over 8 laps for The Day of 8’s. The checkered flag would ultimately go to Kirtlin Jardine (#118) over Sam Jardine (#12) and Kevin Tucker (#87).

Conrad Maillett (#80) dominated the Back-Up race, besting the 17 car field to take the win. Rounding out the podium would be Norm Robichaud (#666) and Alexander MacIntosh (#17).

Finally, an 8-lap Kidney Heat Race was contested. This race came right down to the wire, with Colby Buggie (#738) making a last lap pass on Sebastian Thibodeau (#27) to take the victory. Remi Rouselle (#10x) rounded out the podium.

Avery Watt took home the victory in the burnout competition despite suffering a mechanical malfunction on his car. Watt bested a field of 5 competitors to take the win.

The Dukes division drivers came to put on a show for fun for the fans in attendance. After splitting the 10 lap heat and semi, it would be Robert Legere (#04) holding of Darcy O’Neill (#68) for the feature win. Johnathan Dickson (#3) made his Dukes debut, and had fans cheering as he got up on the wheel to put on a show. Unfortunately, Dickson’s day ended just past halfway through the feature.

The next event at the speedway will be announced very shortly! Thanks to all the fans who showed up to witness a thrilling Friday night event!

Points will be updated in the coming days!



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