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  • The Speedway will be only allowing soft shoulder cooler snack bags no lager than 12 inches x 12 inches through the spectator gate, due to insurance regulations. 
  • There is no reserved seating, and nothing can be affixed to the grandstands until after the main gate opens on race day.
  • Smoking and/or vaping of any kind is not permitted in the main grandstand area. Those who wish to smoke shall do so at the top of the grandstands or outside the main gate.
  • No alcoholic beverages will be permitted to enter the pit area. Coolers, bags, backpacks, etc. will be checked at entry and regulation will be enforced.
  • Alcohol is permitted in the grandstands, provided it is being brought into the grandstands in a bag meeting the standards of policy #1. Spectators who choose to consume alcohol are asked to sit in designated sections and drink responsibly. Please do not drink and drive.
  • Please no foul language in the grandstands. 
  • Speedway Miramichi is a family friendly facility. Anyone who behaves in an unruly manner and is disrupting the event, or other spectators enjoyment of the event, will be asked to leave the property.
  • Pit area admission is restricted to the ages 18 and older, and those ages 8-17 years of age with proper documentation (signed parental consent waiver). You can upgrade an adult grandstand admission ticket for pit entry at the pit gate. By entering the pit area, you acknowledge that you are entering a dangerous restricted area and waiving legal rights; you are required to sign a waiver to that effect.
  • A Minor Participant is defined as anyone under the age of 18 years who enters the pits; special rules and legal considerations apply. A Parental Consent form is required to be completed by 1 parent at the pit entrance before entering. 
  • If you have crew members within the age range of 8-17 years, please ensure they have the Parental Consent waiver and the Minor Participant form completed when entering the pits, and that they have proof of age with them. This is required once annually; we keep the form on file for the season. The minor will have to provide proof of age and sign a Minor Participant waiver each time they enter the pits. The waiver form will be at the pit gate and MUST be signed by the minor before entering the pit area.  This means that teams who have crew who are 8 to 17 years old will not be permitted in the pits without the completed Parental Consent waiver, the Minor Participant waiver, and proof of age.

Track Policies

Rain-Out Policy

  1. If you have paid for your bracelet and are in the facility and the race gets rained out before any racing starts you’ll be refunded in full when leaving the facility.
  2. If you have paid for your bracelet and racing has started and the event is postponed until the next day or a future date you will need to hang on to your bracelet and it will admit you into the rescheduled event. In this case the bracelet is non-refundable. If you cannot attend the next event you will need to sell or pass along your bracelet on to another race fan.
  3. If during a bigger race event it rains, and we are into the main feature and we are over 1/3 completed of the total laps scheduled, we will call the race as “Yellow Checkered” at that point the winner will be crowned. If the main event does not start we will make a decision to reschedule and the above policy #2 will be the procedure for bracelets.
"We are making the best efforts to inform fans and drivers with fair business practices and sometimes mother nature makes it difficult for us all. We at Speedway Miramichi feel this is a very fair rain out policy, especially when everyone knows in advance what to expect."
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