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Record Demo Season to Wrap Up With Massive Demolition Blowout

Record breaking car counts and thrilling action has headlined the 2020 Demolition season at Speedway Miramichi. Upwards of 40 to 50 Demolition cars are expected to be in attendance for the year end Demolition Blowout, which will see the end of the points and see the year-end champion crowned. The Demolition Blowout will be the follow-up to the 4th Annual Street Stock 100, which headlines the stock car portion of the show.

Big car counts equal big money, meaning the winner could walk away Saturday night with thousands. The September show saw Zac Taylor walk away with $3000. If 60 cars are in attendance, the grand prize will be $3000 once again. The scale sees $2000 paid out with over 40 cars, and $1500 with over 35 cars.

In order to qualify for the grand prize, drivers will have to navigate and survive at least 3 of the 5 Demolition preliminary events scheduled. The Dash for Cash is always a crowd favorite, and last time saw the field lined up three wide. The Powder Puff race has seen over 20 cars in each recent running, and has been one of the more exciting races held. The Back-Up race will be held for the first time since a chaotic showing during The Day of 8’s, while the Figure 8 race will thrill fans after having big hits in the “X” in the 2 most recent events. The Kidney race will also be an opportunity for drivers to qualify.

Mitch Brideau (#22) enters with a comfortable point lead as he seeks his first track championship. Brideau nearly swept the event in September, winning 3 preliminary races and recording a second, plus finishing runner-up in the final Demo. Several drivers can potentially overtake Brideau if the stars align. Tyler Chamberlain (#24) sits second in points after a very consistent season thus far. Matthew Sullivan (#18) is in third riding momentum from his Day of 8’s victory, while Dawson Cripps is in the top 5 having his best season to date. After a strong start to the season, Marc-Andre Benoit (#81) has slipped as of late but is clutching on to 5th place. Randy Girouard is having a respectable season in 7th, followed by Sam Jardine (#12) who hopes to become the female impersonation of the “one-handed bandit,” as she heals from an injury. Dylan Storey (#85), Remi Rouselle (#10x), and the original “one-handed bandit” Jean-Francois Basque (#21) all are tied with Jardine in points. While a championship is a long-shot for any of these drivers, each one will battle to the final hit to try and improve their points position.

With over 40 cars expected, there will be plenty of stars in the field to put on a show. Riley Harris (#1) enters as the defending winner of the Demolition Blowout, and is always a crowd favorite. Miky Roussel (#758) will undoubtedly be a driver to watch once again, as he looks to (full) send off what has been a breakout season in the only way he knows how. Norm Robichaud (#666) has suffered through some tough luck in 2020 in Miramichi, and hopes to change that on Saturday. The Sickles girls will be back behind the wheel, as Amber (#03A) and Krysta (#03K) look to carry on their family legacies. Amber Sickles sits 17th in points after missing a race, and has a realistic chance at a top 10, or even a top 5 if her night goes well. COVID Crash for Cash Winner Ryley MacIntosh (#506) will look to bookend his season with another big win. Long-time driver Stephane Poirier (#86) will jump back behind the wheel in what is sure to be a storyline to watch. Jason Savoie (#06), Gabriel McGraw (#55), Zachary L’Huillier (#16), Jonathan Leclair (#10), Dylan Harris (#14), Brandon Morris (#2) and Jonah L’Huillier (#16x) only scratch the surface of names and talent expected to be in the field.

Saturday will see a new Demo star born. Nova Scotia’s “Dazzling Dylan” Langille (#39), who is best known as announcer for Riverside International Speedway, the Heart of a Champion Hot Rods Classics Series, Valley Raceway, and more, has decided to climb behind the wheel of a Demo car. Langille witnessed his first Miramichi Demolition in August, and with the support of Tim’s Corner Motorsports and a long list of sponsors, he is about to take to the track for the first time. This will be one of the many storylines to watch come Saturday.

Demolition Blowout Possible Entries

1. Dylan Doucet #02

2. Amber Sickles #03A

3. Krysta Sickles #03K

4. Jason Savoie #06

5. Maxime Landry #013

6. Kyle Hay #027

7. Riley Harris #1

8. Brandon Morris #2

9. Dakota Wray #5

10. Randy Girouard #8

11. Jacob Girouard #9

12. Josh Flanagan #9

13. Jonathan Leclair #10

14. Amelie Lebouthlier #10A

15. Sam Jardine #12

16. Dylan Harris #14

17. Zachary L’Huillier #16

18. Jonah L’Huillier #16x

19. Matthew Sullivan #18

20. Jean-Francois Basque #21

21. Mitch Brideau #22

22. Tyler Chamberlain #24

23. Gary Caissie #28

24. Dylan Langille #39

25. Julien Benoit #47

26. Gabriel McGraw #55

27. Daniel Storey #58

28. TBA #69x

29. Abbey Ritchie #75

30. Marc-Andre Benoit #81

31. Dylan Storey #85

32. Stephane Poirier #87

33. Shawn Sisk #94

34. Mathieu Brideau #99

35. Marc-Andre Vienneau #100

36. Terrance Whitney #118

37. Chris Haines #411

38. Ryley MacIntosh #506

39. Norm Robichaud #666

40. Marc-Antoine McGraw #727

41. Miky Roussel #758

42. Ricky Boudreau #764

Grandstands open at 11am on race day, with action getting underway at 2pm. Pit gates open at 9am for stock car drivers and crew only, and 11am for Demo drivers and spectators. Grandstand admission is $20 for adults, $10 for youth ages 8 to 17 years old and seniors 65+, while kids 7 and under are free. Pit passes are $25 and pit access is restricted to those over the age of 18, and those aged 8 to 17 with proper parental waiver forms. Grandstand passes can ONLY BE PURCHASED ON RACE DAY.

Tim’s Corner Motorsports will be at the facility with a LIVE Broadcast from Speedway Miramichi. The racing action and the (TCMtv) live broadcast begins at 2pm on Saturday. The event has been added to the TCM Fast Pass VOD Subscription, meaning everyone with a subscription to TCMtv can watch the race LIVE on Saturday. The TCM Fast Pass VOD Subscription is available for $24.99USD and along with a full library of 2020 races TCM has covered, subscribers will also receive LIVE coverage from Sydney Speedway’s Thanksgiving Thunder on October 10th and 11th. For those that do not have a Fast Pass subscription, they can watch each event LIVE with a single Event Pass. Off-season specials for Fast Pass subscribers are expected to be announced soon. A portion of sales go back to support Speedway Miramichi and the race tracks the TCMtv crew visits. Please note, all pass prices are listed in USD. is a member of the Speed Sport TV network.

A reminder to all on COVID-19 protocol at the facility. Fans are advised to come early as all patrons will be required to give their contact info, per the Government of New Brunswick. In addition, physical distancing in effect throughout the grandstands, and spectators are asked to abide by all signs and directives. Hand sanitization stations will be set up throughout the facility. Masks are strongly encouraged but not required. Staff are on site to educate patrons on procedures and answer any questions. Above all, everyone is reminded to use common sense. Safety is a top priority both on and off the track at Speedway Miramichi.

For more information, stay tuned to Speedway Miramichi’s social platforms, “Speedway Miramichi Inc.” on Facebook, “speedway.miramichi” on Instagram, and our website at



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