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Points Structure, Listening Devices, Season Passes, & More!

John O'Shea / Miramichi Racing Radio Picture

With the 2019 race season fast approaching, Speedway Miramichi is pleased to announce a plethora of changes being implemented for the 2019 season! After listening to feedback from drivers and fans, these changes have been made to improve the overall quality of events at Speedway Miramichi.

Points Structure Changes

One of the biggest changes coming for the 2019 season is an overhaul to the points structure at Speedway Miramichi. After receiving feedback from many drivers, the decision has been made to create separate points structures for racing and demo for the first time in the present era of the track.

“What we’ve seen is that what works for demos doesn’t necessarily work for racing,” said track owner Barry Richard. “There are 2 completely different types of competitors with different view points. We were seeing frustration from stock car drivers because the old system, which worked for demo, enabled a driver to run 1 or 2 events and finish higher in points then someone who ran 5 or 6.”

The new racing points structure sees major changes. Going forward, all preliminary races will reward 15 points to the winner, decreasing by 1-point intervals through to last place. Feature races will now award 60 points to the race winner, 57 points to 2nd place, 55 points to 3rd place, with 3rd place on back decreasing by a 1-point interval with each position, to a minimum of 35 points to start the feature.

Only minor changes are being made to the Demolition points structure for 2019. The points structure for preliminary races will remain unchanged, with the final Demo event on each card now awarding 1 addition point per position over the previous structure. This means that winning the final demo will now score a driver 8 points, with 2nd place receiving 6 points, 3rd place receiving 5 points, and so on, with all starters in the final demo receiving 2 points instead of 1. One other minor change being made is the introduction of show points for demolition drivers. All drivers who take the green flag for at least 1 event on a racing card will now receive an additional 5 show points.

Changes to Feature Staring Lineups

There will be some changes to feature starting lineups for points race for Speedway Miramichi house classes in 2019, which promises to make the racing on track even more exciting. In past years, heat races have solely set the starting lineup for feature events. In 2019, Speedway Miramichi will adopt a policy seen at some other tracks around the region - podium finishers from the previous race will start shotgun on the field and have to earn their way back onto the podium.

“One thing we hear a lot is ‘the racing is not like what it used to be, when fast cars started at the back and raced their way through the field,’” said Richard. “Heat races tend to favour faster cars starting at the front for features. This change will provide a mix of fast cars spread through the field and should create more competitive racing for the duration of the race.”

In addition to podium finishers starting at the back, drivers who miss a race will also start from the rear of the field. These procedures will be in play for regular distance points races, with extended distance features or special events having the potential to determine the lineup through other means.

Listening Devices Required for All Stock Car Divisions

As an effort to improve safety and speed up the show, Speedway Miramichi will become the newest track to mandate listening devices, such as scanners or raceceievers, for all classes. In recent years the use of scanners had been optional for the house classes at Speedway Miramichi, but drivers who travelled to other tracks, and drivers who travelled to Miramichi were familiar with the devices. After discussions at the track meetings, it was decided to move ahead and introduce the devices on a full-scale basis. The track will work closely with drivers to ensure a smooth transition to this policy throughout the year.

FM Radio System Being Implemented for Demolition Cars

After a successful test session in October 2018 that received nothing but positive reviews from competitors, FM radios will be required in all Demo cars in 2019. Thanks to some special technology, this will permit race control to relay important messages, such as red flags or other hazards, to the drivers on the track faster than ever before. While conditions such as dust and smoke can sometimes limit a drivers view of caution lights and the flag stand during the rowdy events, having FM radios in the car will keep all drivers alert of hazards or stoppages.

Other Tidbits - Season Passes on Sale Now, Driver Registration Open!

Speedway Miramichi is also pleased to announce that 2019 Season Passes are on sale now for $60! With 5 races being scheduled for 2019, a $60 season pass works out to getting into 1 race for free! Season passes can be used at any event to get entry into the pits, at a $5 per event upgrade. Email to purchase your 2019 Season Passes!

In addition, driver registration for all 5 classes is now open! All drivers who intend to compete at Speedway Miramichi in 2019 are asked to head over to our website,

These are just some of the changes being implemented for the 2019 season, as staff works to continue to make Speedway Miramichi Northern New Brunswick’s top motorsports entertainment facility, and one of the top grassroots racing facilities in the region! “There will definitely be some learning curves along the way this year,” said Richard. “Our goal is to work closely with drivers to make these changes as smoothly as possible, as well as continue to work with all involved to make Speedway Miramichi the place to be!”



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