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MacLean, Arsenault Among Big Winners At Historic Snowmobile Races

Quiet track following the Snowmobile Drag Races at Speedway Miramichi.

Sunshine on a perfect early March day greeted competitors and fans at the first ever Snowmobile races at Speedway Miramichi on Saturday. The history making day saw a total of 136 entries being filed amongst 74 sleds in 16 classes. Some learning curves and minor mishaps were thrown at organizers during the first event, but at the end of the day it was a successful event.

The 600 Stock class had 9 entries contest their races over a total of 4 rounds. Evan Mundle from Stewiacke, Nova Scotia grabbed the victory at the end of the day, with Phillip Barrett coming home 2nd. The 600 Improved class had 5 entries contest their races over 3 rounds, with Harley Martin from Quebec grabbing the victory over Evan Mundle.

The 700 Stock class had 10 entries in attendance. Hanwell, NB’s Cory MacLean picked up one of his many wins on the day by taking the victory in the 700 Stock class after 4 rounds of competition, with Evan Mundle finishing 2nd. 700 Improved had 4 entries, with Jolaine Arsenault, from just down the road in Rogersville, NB, scoring the victory over Quebec’s Eric Martin.

800 Stock was one of the bigger classes to compete with a total of 17 entries in attendance. 5 rounds had to be contested, and it came down to an all-female final round. It was Jolaine Aresenault coming out on top with the win, beating Truro, NS’s Joy Weatherbie. 800 Improved had 9 entries contest a 4-round competition, with Killarney, NB’s Tara Stewart picking up the win over Phillip Barrett. In 800 Pro Stock competition, 4 entries contested 2 rounds of competition with Cory MacLean picking up the win for the Cobequid Mountain Sports/Cooke Racing team out of Nova Scotia. Colton McPhee from Ratter Corner, NB took home 2nd.

900 Stock had 12 entries contest over 4 rounds. Phillip Barrett scored the victory over Jolaine Arsenault. The 900 Improved class had 4 entries, and in a role reversal of the 900 Stock class, Jolaine Aresenailt bested Phillip Barrett in the finals to capture the win.

1000 Pro Stock had 7 entries compete over 3 rounds, and it was Cory MacLean taking the victory, with Darnell Hickey coming home in 2nd. In 1000 Pro Mod, MacLean drove for Brett Lombardo, and the duo managed to score the victory over James Wilde. The MacLean/Lombardo combination didn’t stop there, as they came away with the victory in the 15 sled 1000 Pro Stock Turbo class, with Upper Derby, NB’s Justin Colepaugh coming home in 2nd.

Hot Trail was a hotly contested class. With 19 entries in attendance, it was the biggest field of entries for 1 class. Miramichi’s own Craig McCormick picked up the victory over Apohaqui, NB’s Kris Armstrong. In Trail Max, 4 sleds were in attendance with Peter Fahey from Truro, NS scoring the win over Antigonish, NS’s Derrick Grant.

The final 2 classes competing was the Outlaw class and the Open class, with 6 entries in each. Outlaw had Cory MacLean scoring the win over Peter Fahey, with MacLean also picking up the win in Open, for a total of 7 wins on the day. Perry Power was 2nd in the Open class.

That wraps up the 1st ever Snowmobile races at Speedway Miramichi! But first, a number of people must be thanked for their efforts and contributions. LJ Patterson’s Sales and Services provided equipment to enable organizers to clear snow to access the facility after what has been a long winter. The Miramichi Off Road ATV Club for providing the groomers to prep the track, as well as to all those who operated the groomer to help prepare. Thanks to the McGraw’s from Miramichi Dragway who offered their knowledge and experience to help make race day flow as smoothly as possible. And finally, thanks to all the staff who helped make this event possible.


600 Stock

1. Evan Mundle #71

2. Phillip Barrett #23

600 Improved

1. Harley Martin #37

2. Evan Mundle #71

700 Stock

1. Cory MacLean #39

2. Evan Mundle #71

700 Improved

1. Jolaine Arsenault #15

2. Eric Martin #36

800 Stock

1. Jolaine Arsenault #15

2. Joy Weatherbie #24

800 Improved

1. Tara Stewart #24

2. Phillip Barrett #77

800 Pro Stock

1. Cory MacLean #28

2. Colton McPhee #58

900 Stock

1. Phillip Barrett #23

2. Jolaine Arsenault #15

900 Improved

1. Jolaine Arsenault #15

2. Phillip Barrett #23

1000 Pro Stock

1. Cory MacLean #28

2. Darnell Hickey #46

1000 Pro Mod

1. Cory MacLean/Brent Lombardo #9

2. James Wilde #17

1000 Pro Stock Turbo

1. Cory MacLean/Brent Lombardo #9

2. Justin Colepaugh #45

Hot Trail

1. Craig McCormack #65

2. Kris Armstrong #54

Trail Max

1. Peter Fahey #08

2. Derrick Grant #18


1. Cory MacLean #68

2. Peter Fahey #08


1. Cory MacLean #68

2. Perry Power #20



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