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Halloween Spooktacular Results:

Results from Halloween Spooktacular

October 22nd seen Lots of hot battles in acing and demo action!

The annual Halloween Spooktacular did not disappoint with Outlaw racing in Mini stock, Street Stock and Bomber classes the action was great, and many new combinations tried by driver to get that little extra edge. Then it was time for the Demo action with over 50 cars in attendance for demo action it started the demo portion of the night started off with 52 cars in the dash 4 cash heat race lining up all the way back the back stretch of the track. Final demo had 49 cars start the all-out demo and finished in Halloween style with 3 fully engulfed cars in the infield!!! Huge thank you goes out to the Miramichi Fire dept for coming to our assistance after we could not contain the blaze with our fire extinguishers.

Here are the feature results for all the action on Oct 22nd!

Street stock outlaw:

1st #13 Brad MacLean

2nd # 2w Chris Wilson

3rd #29 Jeff Macinnis

Mini stock outlaw:

1st #46 Ryan McKnight

2nd #10 Wayne Smith

3rd #27 Guy Basque

Bomber Feature:

1st #11 Alex Duguay

2nd # 13 Axten MacLean

3rd #3 Alexandra O’Blenis (Johnathan Dickson)


1ST #099 Mathieu Brideau

2nd #764 Ricky Boudreau

3rd #109 Fabien Hachey

Powder Puff:

1st # 5 Alexandra O’Blenis

2nd #13 Goergia Estey

3rd #710 Janice Hebert

Pumkin Race:

1st #764 Ricky Boudreau

2nd # 28 Gary Caissie

3rd # 24 Tyler Chamberlain

Figure 8:

1st # 28 Gary Caissie

2nd #18

3rd # 109 Fabien Hachey

Final Demo:

1st # 028 Lionel Breau

2nd #764 Ricky Boudreau

3rd # 81 Marc Andre Benoit



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