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Young 2nd Generation Star - Meet Randy Girouard

In today's interview we sit down to talk to a young fan favorite Demo driver, Randy Girouard!

Despite being just 20 years of age, Randy has been competing at Speedway Miramichi for 6 years already! Randy has been one of the most successful drivers through that era at the track. In 2017 Randy finished 3rd in points. Heading into the final event of 2018, he sits 4th in points, with a shot at stealing the title by being just 9 points back.

We were fortunate enough to have an interview with Randy in advance of this weekends final points race! We hope you enjoy this interview, and thanks to Randy for participating!

Thanks for taking part in this interview Randy! Why don't you start off by telling us a bit about yourself?

Randy: Thanks for having me, I’m 20 years old born on December 15th, 1997. I have been racing Demos for roughly 4 years, and raced Mini Stocks before that for 2 years. I work at Carstar in Miramichi and I’m from Saint Louis de Kent.

Despite your young age, many would consider you a veteran in racing already. What ever got you started into it?

Randy: Well as a kid I used to go watch my dad Steven Girouard derby at the track, and that is what got me hooked to racing. I was fortunate to get my first car at 13. I went most of the winter getting it ready for the upcoming season and learning to drive it as it was stick, and it being the first car I ever owned I had no idea how to drive it (lol). The first race day I was at I knew it would be something that would be a part of me for a long time.

What have been some of your favorite memories of racing and demos over the years?

Randy: One of the best memories I’ve had at the track so far has to be the second demolition derby I was in. I had a 99 Chevrolet Lumina. It was a 75 lap Bump to Pass Enduro. I went through the entire race and ended up being down to me and the 8x which was driven by Kevin Lee Brideau. I was leading with 4 laps to go with 2 flat tires on the front. We ended up going to the infield to battle out. We hit head on and I got stuck spinning on the rims and ended the night 2nd in my 2nd demolition event. Another memorable event was my first win in a demolition feature last month in Shediac.

Of all the different Demolition events held at Speedway Miramichi, which one is your favorite?

Randy: Nothing can beat the old-style demolition derbies in the infield in my opinion. But I also enjoy very much the Enduros.

You've had a great year so far, and heading into the final points event you're 4th in points, 9 points behind the leader Joey Pitre. How do you feel about your chances at coming from behind to win the championship this Saturday?

Randy: I will need a lot of luck to win the championship, I don’t have a very fast car for the qualifiers. We are bringing a 1980's Caprice. But I’ll cross my fingers and hope luck pays off.

Who are some drivers / competitors that you enjoy competing against and have a great deal of respect for?

Randy: I enjoy racing with everyone that comes to the track but the ones that stand out the most have to be Kevin Tucker, Adam Plourde, Trenton Paul Silliker, Jonathan Dickson, Shawn Mazzerole, Jean-Francois Basque, and there is much more but I can’t name all of them, the list would be to long lol.

If a fan comes to the races Saturday, why should they cheer for you?

Randy: Well I always try and put on the best show for the fans, that’s what I am there for, to put on a good show. I also enjoy hitting as hard a can while still staying safe of course lol.

As you mentioned, your dad was a former Demo competitor. What does it mean to you to be carrying on the family tradition as a 2nd generation driver?

Randy: It means a lot especially that I am running his number. I know he is strapping in with me every time I get into a car. There is a good chance I would not be racing if it wasn’t for him.

Thanks for taking part in this interview Randy! Finally, who would you like to thank for making your racing and demo career possible?

Randy: Thank you, and I would like to thank Stephane Poirier. I would not be competing in nearly as many events if it was not for his help.

Thanks Randy, best of luck this weekend!

Randy: I also want to add that I might be doing double duty this weekend if everything goes to plan, but I won’t give too much details on it.

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