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Chasing the Championship - Meet Joey Pitre

This Saturday, Speedway Miramichi will crown it's 2018 Demolition champion! It's been a wild and entertaining year of demos with stiff competition at every event, and now it all comes down to just 1 race!

Sitting on top of the points is 24 year old Joey Pitre! In just his 3rd year of Demo racing, the Collette native has had a solid year with has put him in 1st place with a 7 point lead! Joey's season highlights include podium finishes in 7 Demo races, including a win in the July Back-up race! Joey has missed only 2 of 15 Demo events contested in 2018.

On Saturday, he will compete in one final points event, to try to cap off his stellar 2018 season with the championship! We sat down with Joey before the event, to talk about his racing career, and what it would mean to win a championship!

Thanks for taking part in this interview Joey. Why don’t you start off by telling us a little bit about yourself?

Joey: Well I'm 24 years old, born May 20th 1994. I'm from Collette NB. I'm a Heavy Equipment Operator currently working for Envirem Organics in Miramichi.

How did you ever get started competing in the Demolition class?

Joey: When I worked in Alberta in 2013, I met Jeremy Mcintyre from Chatham Head, and he told me someday I had to go to the derby. When we both ended up moving back, he convinced me to try so I got a car and from the moment of the first race I was hooked!

Of all the different races that are part of the Demolition events, which race is your favorite?

Joey: I love the figure 8, its such an adrenaline rush, and also a fun topic of conversation when talking to people who have never seen the races.

2018 has been a great year for you so far, with just one event left you’re leading the points with a 7 point advantage. How big would it be for you to win the championship and join the likes of Brad MacLean, Robert Legere, Eddy Hay, and Jean-Francois Basque as Demolition champions at Speedway Miramichi?

Joey: It would be great knowing that in only my 3rd year of racing I came out on top! Last year Jean-Francois (Basque, 2014 and 2017 Demo champion) and I were talking at the Chi City Showdown and he said next year was my turn, and now there's a chance it could happen!

What do you think it will take to maintain the points lead and secure the championship next Saturday?

Joey: Hopefully have luck on my side and not have any issues with the car.

What have been some of the most memorable moments for you in your Demolition career?

Joey: My first win, which was on my birthday and was in the Figure 8 race in May last year, and also having my Sonoma catch fire during last years Chi City Showdown.

Who’s your favorite competitor on the track?

Joey: I've always gotten along with Kevin Tucker, he's given me tips and tricks and races hard but clean.

If a fan comes to the races for the first time on September 15th, why should they cheer for you?

Joey: Considering I'm leading the points in only my 3rd season, they should see that hard work pays off so cheer it on!

Thanks for taking part in this interview Joey! Finally, who are all the people and sponsors who make this possible for you?

Joey: I'd like to thank my family for supporting me, my uncle Marc for using his shop, Uncle Bob for using his trailer, and would like to say I currently don't have any sponsors but I am looking for some for the Chi City Showdown and the 2019 season!

We would like to thank Joey for taking part in this interview, and we wish him the best of luck this weekend! We hope you enjoyed this interview, and we hope to see you Saturday at Speedway Miramichi as we crown our 2018 Demolition champion!

We've added a few stories to this interview from Joey's racing career!

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