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Speedway Miramichi Announces Indefinite Postponement of August 11th Event

It is with great regret that Speedway Miramichi announces the indefinite postponement of the upcoming event, scheduled for Saturday August 11th.

A number of factors played into this decision.

One such factor was competition from other tracks. With other tracks planning similar events for the same day, management decided it was in the best interest of all parties, from tracks, to competitors, to spectators, to postpone the event.

Car counts also affected this decision. While some classes have seen solid car counts so far in 2018, there have been other divisions with poor car counts, with no rhyme or reason. At every event there has been more than a dozen car sitting in garages or driveways, that should be at the track. From a promoter’s standpoint, it’s not fair to the fans to try and have a show with a small field of cars.

“We apologize to those drivers who have been dedicated and passionate, showing both their support to the track and their love for racing, along with displaying their exceptional talent in some intense races. Unfortunately, this sentiment has not been shared by all drivers with cars, which forces us into this tough situation,” said a track spokesperson.

The final factor has been the blatant disregard of respect and safety for other competitors, staff and fans at events throughout the year. Several “altercations” have plagued events throughout the season, and enough is enough.

“This track is supposed to be a family friendly facility where drivers can come and safely compete and have fun, while families and friends, and anyone who loves motorsports can come enjoy an evening at the track. The actions of several drivers have not only jeopardized this sentiment, but it has also jeopardized the safety and well being of all those involved. The actions of many parties have been nothing short of unacceptable, and while we have done our best to contain these situations, things continue to get more out of hand. From consumption of alcohol in the pits, to threats and acts of violence, and attempts to damage other competitor’s cars and property, the happenings so far in 2018 have been nothing short of unacceptable.”

“It truly hurts us that it had to come to this during our 50th anniversary season. A year which was supposed to celebrate the history of our wonderful track and look forward to the future, has instead turned into a season filled with troubling events. We hold our facility and events to a high standard, and unfortunately that standard has not been met this year. In the future we will continue to work hard to deliver races and events worthy of this historic track, but we need co-operations from many people, and that co-operation has been hard to come by.”

As it stands now, the next racing event at Speedway Miramichi will be scheduled for September 15th. There will be other events held at the track prior to them, with more details on those coming soon.

Points from July 28th are expected to be posted before the weekend.

In addition, Speedway Miramichi will continue their new Go Kart rentals. The tentative Go Kart schedule will be for rentals to be available every Friday, Saturday, and Sunday.

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