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A Sportsman Legend Returns - Meet Yves McCray

One of the most exciting story lines of our 50th Anniversary season is set to play out this weekend. Yves McCray, a multi-time Sportsman champion at what was then Miramichi City Speedway, has purchased a Modified car, and is set to hit the track this Saturday!

Yves is a 2 time Sportsman champion, with titles coming in 1999 and 2003. He also finished 2nd in points an astonishing 5 times, with those finishes coming in 1997, 1998, 2000, 2001, and 2002. He has been one of the most successful drivers in the tracks history, and his family is one of the most successful families in track history as well.

Yves made his first start of the year just a few weeks ago at Petty International Raceway, and he didn't disappoint as he picked up a 3rd place finish in his first ever start at the track. This weekend, he returns to his home track to show the field and fans what he's got!

We were fortunate enough to conduct an interview with Yves McCray in advance of this weekends race! Be sure to come out Saturday night at 7pm and watch Yves return to the track! We hope you enjoy it, and special thanks to Yves for taking part!

Thanks for taking part in this interview Yves, it’s great to have you back behind the wheel of a race car here at Speedway Miramichi! Why don’t you start off by telling us a bit about yourself and your family!

Yves: I am Yves Donald McCray, from St-Wilfred. Born July 29 1972. I’m married to Denise Robichaud McCray. We have 2 children now all grown up Jessey and Megan and also have 2 grandchildren Madison and Olivia. I am a licensed tech and body repair and paint, working at Sarkis Collision as a painter.

You’ve been around the racetrack for a long time, exactly when and why did you first start racing?

Yves: I’ve been around race cars since I was around 10 years old when dad and I would go to work on my uncle Ray’s car. It was on one Saturday morning in the summer of 1994 my father woke me up and ask me if I wanted to drive a race car. Like any 19 year old that was into cars obviously said yes, dad said ok but only if you pay half. So my dad really got me into the racing sport. I am very lucky to still have him helping me.

Tell us a bit about your accomplishments over the years, as there are plenty of them!

Yves: Well one of the biggest accomplishment I had in racing was being able to come home to a loving family and friends without any injury and never really destroying a car. Besides winning a few championships and coming in 2 in points 5 or 6 time, that’s about it.

About 10 years ago you got out of racing, but here you are back in a car! What made you want to get back behind the wheel?

Yves: To be honest you were probably one of the people that gave me that itch back when you reached out to get me to the track for its 50th. Then me and dad talked to Joe Hoyt, just asking questions about the cars and what they sell for, a few days later, I got this message from Joe about a car for sale at a good deal. The rest is history.

This upcoming weekend will be your 2nd start of the season, with your first coming a few weeks ago at Petty International Raceway. I hear you did pretty good that day, how did that race go for you?

Yves: Yes it was a good ending for sure with a 3rd place finish in the feature, the car was not running on all cylinders but was handling very well. But hey, it was great feeling after a 10 year break.

You were recently named one of the 50 Greatest Drivers at Speedway Miramichi, how big of an honour was that?

Yves: It’s a great honor to be on that list for sure with lots of great talent, had the chance to race against a lot of those guys, brought back good memories.

Obviously this is the tracks 50th Anniversary. How special is it for you to be able to participate in this anniversary as a driver who has had so much success at this track?

Yves: It's great to see that this track has survived for this long and hopefully for many years to come and hope to put the #58 in victory lane.

Who was a driver throughout the years that you looked up to and admired?

Yves: This would have to be Ray McCray and no he’s not my brother, he’s my uncle and I would say that I admired and look up to him. He and the McCray racing family helped out a lot.

If someone comes to the races this weekend, why should they cheer for you?

Yves: Why not, cool green car (LOL).

Thanks once again Yves, best of luck this weekend for the big 50 lap Modified race! Before we go, who do you have to thank for helping you get to the track?

Yves: I’d like to thank my wife for letting me do this and not putting up a fuss when I told her about my bright idea of buying a race car and to see the look on my dad face when telling him about racing again. Dad is with me in the garage helping me out any way he can, my Dad Donnie McCray.

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