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Poirier Victorious in Mini Stock Classic, McGraw Survives to Win Road Rage 50!

Rob Poirier has a knack for 50 lap Mini Stock features in Miramichi. On Saturday, Rob led from wire to wire to win the Miramichi Mini Stock Classic, his second consecutive win in Miramichi 50 lap Mini Stock races. But he didn’t stop there. After a race time decision to add semis, Rob also scored a grand slam, one of 3 grand slams earned on Saturday.

10 cars started the 50 lap Mini Stock Classic. The entire race was a battle between Poirier, Michael Savoie, Guy Basque, and Chris Garnett, who ran bumper to bumper for much of the 50-lap race. Lapped traffic came into play at times, creating some intense moves by some of the top 4 drivers in an attempt to maintain position. In the end Savoie crossed the line 2nd ahead of Basque. However, following post-race technical inspection, Basque was awarded with 2nd, and Garnett was awarded with 3rd. Mathieu Mallett finished 4th, and Michel-Andre Poirier, who was making his racing debut, came home in 5th.

Basque took the checkered flag in the 2nd heat, with Poirier winning the rest of the races. Poirier increased his points lead with his dominant day, but he still has Basque hot on his heels.

Meanwhile, Gabriel McGraw outdueled demo veteran Kevin Tucker to win the Road Rage 50 finale! McGraw was leading the Enduro part of the Road Rage 50, when the race was stopped to begin the demo portion of the finale, and he managed to survive the demo to win! Marc Andre Vienneau was credited with 3rd in the Road Rage 50 finale.

The afternoon was a true war of attrition for the demo class, with over half of the roughly 19 entries being eliminated before the Road Rage 50. Winners from the preliminary events were as follows; Vienneau won the Dash for Cash, Dylan Esty won the Bag Race, Randy Girouard won the Figure 8 race, and Danika Sweezy won the Powder Puff. Kyle Brideau won the burnout competition.

Despite not being in attendance, Trenton Silliker’s impressive Spring Smash leaves him with the points lead still, although the margin has shrunk greatly, which will promise to make the competition even more intense at the next event.

“Bad Ass” Brad MacLean also hit a grand slam in Street Stock action. MacLean held off James “Hollywood” Matchett to win the Heat and Semi. Come feature time, Matchett started last, and worked his way up to MacLean’s bumper in a thrilling race but couldn’t manage to make the pass and finished 2nd. Chris “Groovy” Wilson finished 3rd, while Shawn Furlong and Brad MacLean rounded out the top 5!

With the wins, MacLean will jump out to a sizeable point lead in the Street Stock class.

In Modified action, Joe Hoyt snapped the winning streak of Ashton Tucker and car #91 by picking up a grand slam! But it wasn’t easy for Hoyt. John Lyons pressured him for the lead in the 10 lap heat race. Come feature time, Hoyt exchanged the lead with “Mr. Excitement” Doug Matchett for the first 10 laps, before Matchett got turned around on restart and had to start at the back. Near the end of the 30 lap feature, Kevin Bailey came within striking distance of Hoyt, but it wasn’t enough. Bailey and Matchett finished 2nd and 3rd respectively. Braxton Stafford, driving the car Tucker drove to 3 consecutive wins, finished 4th, while Steven Curtis came home 5th in the debut of his new “Pinto” style car.

Hoyt leap frogged car #91 in points with his wins, but the points battle for the Modifieds remains tight, with the top 3 drivers being separated by just 5 points.

Darcy O’Neill beat Robert Legere in the 20 lap Dukes feature on Saturday. O’Neill won the Heat race, with Legere picking up the Semi win. Through 2 events, Legere and O’Neill are tied for 1st in points!

The next event for Speedway Miramichi isn’t for a while, with the next event scheduled to take place under the lights on Saturday July 28th! It will once again be a full card featuring Demo, Street Stocks, Mini Stocks, Modifieds, and Dukes!

Miramichi Mini Stock Classic Results

1. Rob Poirier #0

2. Guy Basque #27

3. Chris Garnett #66

4. Mathieu Mallett #80

5. Michel-Andre Poirier #16

6. Mitchell Poirier #14

7. Travis Conroy #7

8. Shawn Benoit #55

9. Conrad Mallett #90

10. Michael Savoie #00 (DQ)

Street Stock 40 Results

1. Brad MacLean #13

2. James Matchett #1

3. Chris Wilson #2W

4. Shawn Furlong #47

Brandon Hollier #01

6. Deryk Murphy #33

Atlantic Modified Tour 30 Results

1. Joe Hoyt #17

2. Kevin Bailey #48

3. Doug Matchett #75

4. Braxton Stafford #91

5. Steven Curtis #12

6. Kevin Brideau #14

7. John Lyons #88

Dukes 20 Results

1. Darcy O’Neill #68

2. Robert Legere #04

Road Rage 50 Top 5

1. Gabriel McGraw #55

2. Kevin Tucker #87

3. Marc-Andre Vienneau #100

4. Dave Comeau #5

5. Shawn Sisk #94

Dash for Cash Top 3

1. Marc-Andre Vieanneau #100

2. Shawn Mazerolle #57

3. Randy Girouard #8

Powder Puff Winner – Danika Sweezy #916

Bag Race Top 3

1. Dylan Esty #969

2. Gabriel McGraw #55

3. Joey Pitre #20

Figure 8 Race Top 3

1. Randy Girouard #8

2. Gabriel McGraw #55

3. Mathieu Brideau #99

Photos are all credit to John O'Shea

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