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Demo Driver Turned Mini Stock Standout - Meet Guy Basque!

With the Miramichi Mini Stock Classic just hours away, this time we sat down with Guy Basque!

Driver of the #27 Mini Stock, Guy has found success ever since starting to compete at Speedway Miramichi. At first Guy was a demo competitor for several years, before deciding to give Mini Stock racing a try. It paid off in a big way, as Guy finished 2nd in points in 2017!

So far in 2018, Guy sits in a tie for 2nd in points, as he looks to chase down his first career championship! We sat down with Guy to discuss his racing career, and the upcoming Mini Stock Classic!

Thanks for taking part in this interview Guy! Why don't you start off by telling us a bit about yourself?

Guy: Well I'm a car guy, since I was young I loved cars - that's why I took a course in mechanic, and in 2000 I started to go watch a couple race with my parents, and in 2011 I built my first demo car ever! I've raced in this class (Mini Stock) 4 years I think!!!

What have been some of your best memories from racing?

Guy: For now it was last year when I won second place in points in Mini Stock!!

This Saturday is a big 50 lap race for the Mini Stocks - the Mini Stock Classic. How are you approaching a longer prestigious race like this?

Guy: Well I always try to do my best performance - I really am a competitor!!! My car is looking fast for another season, so lets see what happens!!!

What are you goals for the rest of the year, and into the future?

Guy: My goals for this season is have fun first!!! And try to challenge for first place with the strong cars out there, like the 0 car the 81 and 00!!

Who are some drivers, past or present, that you admire and respect?

Guy: The old driver Stephane Savoie #47 always give me good advice, and also Mathieu Mallet that I started to race with in demo, and now he drives the 80 car with me and it's fun!!!

2018 is the 50th Anniversary of Speedway Miramichi. What does this mean to you as a driver?

Guy: Its a good thing, you know I'm only have 28 years old but the farther I can think I always have fun there, watching racing or racing by myself.

What would you say to any fans who are considering coming to the track this weekend? Why should they cheer for you?

Guy: A little joke (laughs), my English is bad but I know how drive a car. But just enjoy the show and have fun!!!

Thanks Guy! Finally, who are the people and sponsors who make this possible for you?

The main sponsor was Kamizo Transport from Neguac, after that Mcgraw Alignment where I work, and Auto Concept Tracadie!!!

Thanks Guy! Best of luck this weekend!

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