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Playing With The Big Boys - Meet Travis Conroy

At the young age of 15, Travis Conroy is currently the youngest driver competing at Speedway Miramichi. After making his debut last year at the age of 14, Travis has continuously improved every time he's hit the track.

As he will mention in the interview, Travis started after buying Chris Sickles old Mini Stock. Travis ran Chris's famed #03 on the side of his car during his rookie season, but over the off-season Travis bought a new car, which now has a new number - number 7.

Just 2 weeks ago Travis headed down the 126 to Petty International Raceway for the first time ever, where he scored an impressive top 10 finish.

Travis is currently busy - both finishing the school year, and preparing his car for the 1st ever Miramichi Mini Stock Classic on Saturday. We sat down with Travis for a little interview before the big race! We hope you enjoy the interview, and thanks to Travis for taking part!

Thanks for doing this Travis, why don't you start off by telling the fans a bit about yourself?

Travis: I'm 15 years old and this is my second year racing. Being the youngest guy on the track you feel like you have something to prove so this year I'm out to prove we can do it too.

So how did you get started into racing?

Travis: Well my parents always brought me and my brother to watch the races because they knew almost everyone that was racing. So we were there every race. And then, 2 years ago, at the end of the race season, Chris Sickles wanted to sell an old Celica for $200 race ready. So I jumped all over it because I always wanted to race. So we parked it for the winter and last year I raced it. Was the best time of my life!

Who are some drivers, either past or present that you look up to?

Travis: The one I look up to the most is Brad MacLean. I've been watching him since I started going. He is my favourite driver by far. I always loved watching him win. I'm glad Brad is still racing so I can keep watching him, and hopefully someday race with him.

This weekend is a big 50 lap race for the Mini Stocks - the Miramichi Mini Stock Classic. How are you approaching this longer race?

Travis: Well. I'll get the car running 100% and get lots of practice in because last race I got spun out when I was in first place so I'm not too sure what the car is going to do, but I'll be there and try my best to get the car back to #1.

So what are your goals for the rest of 2018 and beyond?

Travis: In 2018 I want my first win. And beyond that, I want to stay a competitive car and driver, and will be racing for many many years to come for sure.

This is the 50th year for Speedway Miramichi. What does that mean to you?

Travis: Well this is a very memorable season for everyone, the fans, the drivers, the workers and especially the track owner. To be able to be a part of the 50th anniversary means the world to me. And to be a 15 year old driver for the anniversary is probably the best part of it all!

Let's say someone comes to the track for the first time this weekend, why should they cheer for you?

Travis: Well I would appreciate it if they did because being the "underdog" it would mean the world for people to cheer me on.

Thanks again Travis! One final question - who are they people and sponsors who make this possible for you?

Travis: My mom and dad are 2 big ones. And my sponsors are Patterson Sales and Service, Miramichi Tree Service, Sign Warehouse, Allans Autobody, Swiss Chalet, Tim Hortons, Right Choice Auto, and Big Wheels Miramichi!

We wish Travis the best of luck this Saturday! We hope you will come out to the track to watch Travis race, and cheer him on! As part of this interview, we have added a few extra pictures from Travis's racing career!

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