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Extra Bonus On The Line For The Brunswick 100

As first announced on Facebook this morning, Speedway Miramichi management and organizers of the Maritime Street Stock Showdown at Oyster Bed Speedway have struck a deal which will raise the stakes for some upcoming big Street Stock events!

On May 26th, Speedway Miramichi will host the Brunswick 100 event, with the winner of this race being guaranteed a top 5 starting position in the Discover Kia Maritime Street Stock Showdown on June 23rd. This driver will start no worse than 5th, but will be able to improve their starting position through time trials.

In turn, the winner of the Discover Kia Maritime Street Stock Showdown will guarantee themselves a top 5 starting spot in Speedway Miramichi’s Chi City Showdown, a 100 lap Street Stock race on October 13th.

This is a prime example of tracks working together for the betterment of all racing in Atlantic Canada. The past year has generated a lot of buzz around major Street Stock events, and these 3 marquee Street Stock races will now have even more buzz surrounding them!

Laps are currently being sold in support of these exciting races, at $50 each. Laps for the Brunswick 100 can be found on the Speedway Miramichi website, Laps for the Discover Kia Maritime Street Stock Showdown can be found for purchase on the event website,

Stay tuned for more news regarding all happenings at Speedway Miramichi and Oyster Bed Speedway, as the 2018 race season inches closer.

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