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Speedway Miramichi Announces 100% Capacity for August 7th Event

GREEN, GREEN, GREEN! With the province of New Brunswick ending the mandatory order and state of emergency related to COVID-19, Speedway Miramichi is pleased to announce a return to full 100% capacity for all future events, starting with the Crash for Cash Demolition on August 7th.

“It’s been a long 16 months operating under various restrictions, but we are thrilled to return to operating with no restrictions, and to be able to welcome all fans back in full force at Speedway Miramichi,” said owner Barry Richard.

With the ending of the mandatory order, no COVID-19 rules will be enforced going forward, albeit fans are encouraged to stay within their comfort zone. Physical distancing and the use of masks will now be recommended, and not required, and sanitization stations will still be available throughout the facility.

Grandstand rows which had previously been closed will be reopened, allowing the full grandstand capacity of 3500 seats to be utilized. Lawn chair and hillside seating in turn 1 remains available, and for fans who wish to remain seated at a distance from others, it is recommended to take advantage of the lawn chair sections at the track. Combining grandstand and lawn chair seating, there is space to accommodate well over 4000 spectators going forward, after many events over the past year and a half saw less than half of that number in order to ensure safety and compliance.

Even with the varying degrees of restrictions faced over the course of the last year and a half, management at Speedway Miramichi are proud of what has been achieved as a leader in the entertainment and motorsports industries in terms of safely hosting events during the pandemic. Speedway Miramichi was an exception to the long list of cancelled events due to COVID-19, as through teamwork, flexibility, and the support of drivers and fans, all originally scheduled racing events were contested with only minimal schedule changes.

“It’s a testament to the passion and respect of all our fans and drivers, as their cooperation with the rules in place enabled us to continue hosting events despite the challenges faced. Over the duration of the pandemic, we successfully and safely hosted 10 events, with only 2 postponements which were made up, and no cancellations due to COVID-19,” said Richard. “We have seen significant growth in all divisions over this span, and we are excited for what is to come with a return to normal!”

The first race under loosened restrictions promises to be one for the books, with the Crash for Cash Demolition being contested. The winner will be awarded the biggest trophy of the year in Demolition competition, and management are hoping to hit the 60-car mark, which would see $3000 being awarded to the winner.

It will also be a hotly contested night for stock car racing - with a 50-lap Mini Stock feature, plus Atlantic Modified Tour and Bomber racing!

It’s time to celebrate the end to all the restrictions, and we are hoping everyone will join us on August 7th for what we hope will be the biggest event of the summer!



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