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4 Generations Strong - Meet Riley Goodwin

Photo credit to Mike Francis

This week we hope to present Speedway Miramichi fans with 3 driver interviews, to help get you revved up for the Brunswick 100 Street Stock race on Saturday May 26th! The first interview comes from a rising young star, who is a 4th generation driver at Speedway Miramichi!

Following in the footsteps of his father Bob, grandfather Marshall, and great-grandfather Floyd is Riley Goodwin! Riley has worked his way up through the ranks of racing in New Brunswick, and in his few starts at Speedway Miramichi he has produced some strong results. With strong roots and connections to Miramichi, Riley has a strong Miramichi fan base, who hopes to see him race on Saturday!!

We hope you enjoy this interview with Riley Goodwin, driver of the #77 Street Stock!

Thanks for taking part and doing this interview Riley! Now you’re a pretty young driver, why don’t you start off by telling us a bit about yourself?

Riley: I’m 16 years old, I have been around racing my whole life. My great grandfather, grandfather, and father used to race at Miramichi, and now me. I am a 4th generation driver and proud of it. It’s in my blood and I live for racing! I am in my 7th year of racing. I raced go karts for two years and won the championship, then moved up to Bando and got 3rd in the points after two years, and now I have got rookie of the year in the Street Stock and am going for a championship in a new class.

As you mentioned you're a 4th generation driver - you're father Bob, your grandfather Marshall, and your great-grandfather Floyd all raced in Miramichi. Does that add any extra pressure when you racing in Miramichi, knowing you're carrying on the family tradition?

Riley: This does make some pressure for me racing there just because they all have all raced there, and I just always hope I can do as good as them and make them proud.

Last October you came over for the Chi City Showdown and put up an impressive 3rd place finish in a 24 car field. Take us back through that race.

Riley: Well two years ago we finished 2nd, and then last year we finished 3rd like you said. That was tons of pressure! I know we had a good car all day but just wasn’t sure if it was enough for the top 3. We started outside pole in that race, and I was nervous to say the least with 22 cars behind me! We started it off with staying up front for a long time. I ran up front the whole race but it was hard to stay up there with so many good cars out there! We stayed in the top 5 all race and tried to save our stuff for the end. We managed to hang on for third place and that was by far the funnest race ever!

Now this coming weekend is the Brunswick 100 - the last time this race ran in Miramichi, you weren't even born yet - I understand you hope to make it over for the race. If things do work out, what do you expect out of the race Saturday?

Riley: If we are over I’m definitely hoping for a good finish. Depending on how the car is I think we will have a good chance. Maybe even up our finish from the Chi City Showdown.

If someone comes to the races this weekend for the first time, why should they cheer for you?

Riley: They should cheer for me because I love getting the kids involved and I would let any of them get in the car and go for a trip around the track! The fans are what racing is all about!

Who is a driver, either past or present, that you admire?

Riley: I always really liked Lonnie Sommerville - growing up around the track and he was always my favourite driver but I would definitely have to say my family, my gramp and dad are who I admire. They are the ones who have taught me everything and all I know about racing! They are always there for me and support my habits, and that’s what it takes for a race team!

Racing is certainly a team sport! Who are all the people, from crew to sponsors, that help keep you on the track every week?

Riley: I couldn’t do it without my family! My crew and sponsors! Would really have to thank my dad for the tremendous work he puts into my car for me through the week! My uncle for helping me so much through the winter and working on my car! My gramp for the work he has done for us all winter long! My brother in law for giving me his weekend after another to help us on the car. There’s a lot of people that help us but just like to thank every person that helps us in the garage week to week! Our sponsors are huge helpers to us and we wouldn’t be racing without them (Riley is sponsored by: Pubs Bottle Exchange, D. Gillespie & Sons Trucking, Barrie Morecraft Trucking, Darren Nason, WR Gillespie, Lincoln Auto, Jack Wilkins, J & D RV, Auto Value, Remax Group For Reality, M H Electric, Uncle Jamie, Cousin Bill)!

Thanks so much for taking part in this interview Riley! Hopefully we see you Saturday at Speedway Miramichi! Best of luck to you!

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