Speedway Miramichi 2021 VIP 4 Race Pit Flex Passes


Given the uncertainty due to COVID-19, we are giving fans the option of an alternative to season passes! We are introducing Flex Passes for the 2021 season! These passes are valid for 4 Stock Car and Demolition events held during the 2021 season, meaning you get the value off choosing which races you wish to attend!


The VIP Flex Passes come with the following perks:

- Valid for Grandstand admission at 4 events in 2021!

- VIP Passes guarantee you admission at any standard event where grandstands and pits are open, even if General Admission passes sell out if we reach capacity!

- This is an $100 value being offered for just $75, meaning it is the equivalent of getting one race free!

- These VIP Flex Passes are valid only for Stock Car and Demolition events hosted by Speedway Miramichi.

- In the event less than 4 races are contested in 2021, these passes will be valid for events during the 2022 season.


This limited time offers lasts only until March 31st, so don't miss out!

2021 VIP 4 Race Flex Pass - Pits

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