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It is solely the racers responsibility to read the information presented here in order to be informed as well as be in compliance with all aspects of the rules as set forth in this document. Our focus is growing close Motorsports competition.


  • 4, 6, 8 Cylinder cars, 1/4 ton trucks, mini vans are all approved. Original manufactured production cars. No Special or Military Vehicles permitted. 2 Wheel Drive Only.


  • All derby vehicles will be trailered or towed to the site of Speedway Miramichi.

  • Drivers shall register themselves, and their car number, upon arrival at the pit gates.

  • Vehicles shall be required to pass through the tech shed when called for.


  1. All drivers under 16 years MUST have notarized permission form filled out and signed by a parent or legal guardian and must possess a valid driver's license.

  2. You will need a TECH PASS STICKER on the windshield to compete. 

  3. No passengers in derby vehicles anytime they are being operated, with the exception of the bag race.

  4. Entries will be accepted up to 1 hour prior to start of the derby.

  5. NO alcohol or drugs will be tolerated what so ever in the PIT AREA while events are being held on the race-track. Any competitor or registrant is responsible for their crew as well. Failure to co-operate with this rule will result in management escorting the individual(s) from the pit area with or without their competition car. Any person in the pits is subject to a Breathalyzer test during race events. Law Enforcement will be notified if cooperation is unsuccessful. The party is after the derby not during.

  6. Conduct of a driver, his crew members or friends, can disqualify the driver from the event.

  7. Drivers are required to wear crash helmets and safety glasses/goggles or face shield. Drivers are also encouraged to wear fire retardant overalls. Driver must remain in their vehicle during the derby with their helmet on and chin strap fastened. A driver shall be disqualified for failing to do so. Seatbelts are required and are to be fastened at all times while operating a derby vehicle.

  8. Only the driver will be allowed to speak to the officials regarding the derby. Absolutely NO pit-crew member or fan will be acknowledged.

  9. A protest will cost $100 cash up front. If the challenge stands, the money will be returned. If not, the money will be forfeited and turned over to the driver of the vehicle being challenged.

  10. Derby officials may require a driver to remove or change any part or portion of a vehicle of which they consider to be unsafe.

  11. Absolutely NO hitting the driver's door of an opponent. Officials will determine whether it was accidental. First accidental hit will result in a warning. The driver will immediately be disqualified upon a second accidental hit or an intentional hit to the opponent's driver's door.

  12. All drivers must attend a driver's meeting at the TECH SHED one hour prior to the derby. Roll call will be mandatory.

  13. ALL Demolition cars to remain in the figure 8 infield area. Absolutely NO demo competition on any racing oval surface area other that the “Figure 8” race. This will be regulated by the track “Enforcer”. “Enforcer” will have radio communication with the Tower Officials.

  14. Drivers must hit an opponent at least once every minute. Sandbagging will NOT be tolerated. The sand bagger’s car will be harassed, by the “Enforcer”for the duration of 5 consecutive minutes unless they continue hitting in the competition.

  15. The “Enforcer” will have the opportunity at their discretion to regulate sandbagging & track surface protection. The “Enforcer”or Speedway will not be responsible for damage of competitor’s car if rules 13 & 14 are being ignored.

  16. If necessary, officials will deal with any situation not covered in these rules. All decisions of the officials are final.


  • Due to the mix of scheduled classes for each event we will be asking for total co-operation for the rules as we are making serious efforts to maintain a clean track surface. This helps make the show for the fans both interesting and smooth with no delays.

  • Vehicles shall be required to pass through the tech shed when called for.

  • Drivers will be asked to complete any of the changes required to receive a Tech Inspection Sticker to be able to compete on the race track.



  • Glass entirely removed including loose glass from edges of window moldings, mirrors, headlights, tail lights. Front windshield mandatory to remain.

  • Windshield mesh is permitted.

  • All glass properly cleaned & vacuumed from inside of car, trunk, interior panels, firewall, cowl, headlight pots, tail light pots.

  • All entries are to have a 1-3 digit number registered and painted on both sides of the car, and the roof.

  • No profanity painted or displayed on any panel of the car.

  • No loose objects hanging from outside or from underneath car anywhere.

  • No leaking (dripping) fuel, oil, water anywhere.

  • Drivers Seat Belt functions properly. Passenger seat belt must also function if vehicle is a bag race entrant

  • No additional re-enforcement or excessive thick steel patching to improve the strength of the car on the body or frame. The drivers door areacan have 1 Minimum 10” maximum 12” wide steel plate bolted no longer than from the front the door overlapping the front fender buy 1” and rear of driver’s door by 1”. ALL Doors can be welded shut. Hood and truck not to be welded or bolted.

  • No welding of any other hinged panel on the cars. Sunroof glass removed and hole covered with no less than 1/8” or more than 3/16” thick metal or and either welded or bolted

  • Battery to be in engine compartment securely fastened or in a steel or aluminum covered box.

  • The box is to be bolted down in the passenger rear floor area securely.

  • No rope, bungie cords etc...

  • Exhaust securely fastened and either exiting the passenger side of the car or directly through the hood.

  • Roll cages will not be permitted (Other than for 4 Cyl cars.).

  • 4 Cylinder cars only - A hoop style roll bar behind the driver's head is recommended. It should be constructed of steel tubing with 1.75 OD and be securely braced and fastened (bolted or welded to the frame or floor). NO ROLL CAGES. 1 HOOP ONLY.

  • Stock-tire and wheels only. No tire filling, or solid tires. All wheel weights must be removed.

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